Cantilever Fever: A Roundup of Cantilever Furniture

Cantilever Fever: A Roundup of Cantilever Furniture

Adrienne Breaux
Feb 22, 2012

Every few years we get absolute cantilever fever: that quickening of the heartbeat and hitch of the breath that occurs when you see something performing an aesthetic feat that should seem impossible, yet is. The only cure: more cantilever furniture to look at!

It's not just the "how does it do that!?" factor that gets us about cantilever design; it's the casual and cool way in which it cantilevers. Most furniture and yes, even architecture, with a cantilever feature never shouts "Look what I can do!" It always whispers teasingly, "Oh this? I do this all the time."

The other great thing about cantilever designs, especially in furniture, is the airiness they produce in a space. Often times "missing" certain structural elements that you would expect to be there leaves a nice negative space, a space that breathes fresh air and calmness into a room. We admit some of the dreamy examples we found are a bit extravagant, but they certainly are great for eye candy:

1) Cantilever Serving Cart by Carl Aubock
2) Rainer Spehl Concrete and Wood Table
3) J. Rusten Cupertino Cantilever table
4) Miranda Watkins Cantilever Vase
5) Semigood Company's Rian Cantilever Stool

6) OKHA De Riguour Standing Lamp
7) Mies van der Rohe's Brno Tubular Chair
8) Cantilevered Bunk Beds for Small Spaces
9) Mike and Maaike Veer
10) Integration Workshop's Cantilever Hall Table

Do you have anything seeming to defy physics in a cantilever-y sort of way in your home?

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(Images: Credited above)

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