Need a Desk? You Can Buy (or Build!) One Made of Cardboard

published Mar 29, 2020
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Credit: Stykka

Shortly after Denmark announced a lockdown, the employees of local startup Stykka found themselves working from home, competing for the limited work space they shared with their families. With billions of people under self-quarantine right now, they figured they couldn’t be the ones having that problem.

So their solution? The #StayTheF***Home Desk.

Composed of three pieces of folded cardboard, the flat-pack workstation costs $85 and can be assembled in 10 minutes using only cable ties. It not only provides an inexpensive, quick fix to your home office needs, but, as the name implies, it gets people to stay indoors.

Credit: Stykka

“We want to encourage people to work from home instead of going to the office and risking spreading the virus,” co-founder Jarl Vindnaes told Dezeen.

The desk, to be exact, measures 120 centimeters (47 inches) wide, 62 centimeters (24 inches) deep, and 82 centimeters (32 inches) high. The cardboard is seven millimeters thick, and is balanced by three triangular legs, making it sturdy enough to carry your laptop, keyboard, lamp and a couple of succulents (but just to be sure, try not to make the desk soggy by spilling your coffee).

Credit: Stykka

The material is also sourced from 80% recycled fibers, which reduces the product’s carbon footprint. Rasmus Taun, head of brand and marketing at Stykka, explained: “We chose cardboard because it’s super cheap, made from recycled fibers, and once the curfew is over you just throw it into your cardboard recycling bin, which is standard for all Danish households, and it will be made into new cardboard, so it’s beautifully circular as well.”

The #StayTheF***Home Desk comes in two colors—brown and white—and can be ordered online. Or, if you have stacks of cardboard and a laser cutter at home, you can download Stykka’s open-source design for free and make it yourself.