Care to Air Design Challenge Winners: Air-Drying Solutions

According to a third party life-cycle assessment of Levi Jeans, on average almost 60% of the climate impact comes during the consumer phase. Nearly 80% of that is attributed to the energy intensive methods used for drying. The Care to Air Design Challenge aimed to provide alternative drying solutions. See the winners, after the jump.

We blogged previously about Levi’s Care to Air Design Challenge and the results are in. The winner receives a $4500 top prize for designing a method of air drying as an alternative to the energy intensive methods we use to dry clothes.

The top winners, pictured above from left to right, are as follows:

$4500 First Prize: Nothing Is What It Seems: A combination of form and function, the undercover drying rack folds up into a compact space when not in use. It is designed to be produced locally from salvaged wood and hemp rope for sustainability. It is also designed to be a conversation piece, provoking thought and discussion about issues concerning sustainability.

$1500 Second Prize: The Evaporation Station: The Evaporation Station is an air drying station made of 100% stainless steel that is modular, expandable and can be setup and taken down every time the rack is required. It can also be mounted above a bathtub so water can safely collected.

$500 Finalist: Hang Anywhere X Aria: Hang Anywhere straps are hung over the bath tub to provide a low-impact solution that safely drys clothes in the confines of the bathroom.

$1500 Finalist- Crowd Favorite: Inertion Power: Small in size (and collapsible), the Inertion Power rack uses rubber bands to increase inertial forces. An internal cassette uncoils and rotates on the principle of a pendulum. The energy is captured using rubber bands and will continue to rotate, back and forth, drying the clothes.

See the complete list of winners at Myoo Create.

(Images from Myoo Create)