Carl Turner's "Seussian" Taxidermy Sculptures

Carl Turner's "Seussian" Taxidermy Sculptures

The subject of taxidermy always gets a rise on Apartment Therapy. It seems to be a love or hate thing, and even the faux stuff has gotten backlash from critics as encouraging the real deal. Luckily, nobody will ever confuse these fantastical creatures with existing earthbound animals. They look like escapees from a Dr. Seuss book!

British sculptor Carl Turner, aka Biscuit Boy, was in a Seussian state of mind when he created his whimsical animal-head trophies, though they're not knockoffs — just "inspired by." (It should be noted that Seuss, designed his own series of "Unorthodox Taxidermy.")

Turner made up an amusing back story, too, describing his zoological specimens as a "series of reconstructions based upon records and illustrations brought back by Erasmus P Jiggins, junior zoological officer on the 1863 voyage headed by Sir Bartholomew Scoffer to the remote island in the Pacific known by its indigenous population as Zuzu Batu."

I think the sculptures are really fun, and would look striking in an appropriately eclectic space. Kid's room, perhaps?

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