Carolyn's January Cure: My Fourth Week

Carolyn's January Cure: My Fourth Week

Carolyn Purnell
Jan 29, 2013

We're in the home stretch, and while there are still some projects to undertake, this unstyled photo is a vast improvement over my unstyled photo from the first week. Things are cleaner, neater, and a bit more cohesive. I still look at this photo and see a lot of work to be done, but I'm already proud of all the progress.

Day 14: Get paper and files in order.
I try to keep my filing routine up to date as I go along, and I have a system that works fairly well for me, so this wasn't an issue. I did take a chance to reorganize some of my teaching materials, though, and I uploaded many, many, many computer files into Evernote, which is where I keep all the recipes, decor images, and organization ideas that I collect on my daily blog reads.

Day 15: Exercise some cord control.
We no longer have a sea of cords behind the TV! A simple wire cover has made all the difference in making the TV area look neater, and while there are two visible cords (necessary because we have to give them a bit of slack so the TV can rotate), I can handle those much more than I could handle the wrath of Medusa that was back there. I might get some white flex tube to cover them and make them blend in a bit more.

I also took this opportunity to complete a little craft project, inspired by I Heart Organizing. My computer cables, camera chargers, and other random electronic tidbits are now all rehoused in neat little cubbies.

Day 16: Give your bathroom and medicine cabinets a cleanout.
This was quick and easy, since we took care of this chore a couple of months ago. Neither of us have very many products, since I don't wear makeup and Ed keeps his routines pretty simple, so I just refolded some haphazard towels and moved a couple of items into neater rows. Done and done.

Day 17: Take a look at your living room lighting.
Our living room has three walls of windows, so bright light is rarely a problem. For nighttime, we already had a lamp and overhead lighting, but I wanted to add another lamp since one side of the room tends to get a bit dark. My mom bought me this pendant lamp for Christmas, and it went up this weekend.

Day 18: Weekend chores, flowers, living room, empty the outbox.
The only thing that didn't get done this weekend is a thorough emptying of the outbox. We're keeping the books for now so we can have a big book trade-in at the local book store once the semester is done (the time of my annual purge). We're also planning on selling some electronics on eBay, so those are sticking around for the time being. But we finally unloaded the credenza, which had been hanging out in the spare bedroom, and that was a huge weight off our shoulders. The other miscellaneous items went to a charity down the street.

In the living room, the new light went up, and we moved some more furniture around since we're still experimenting with chairs and storage options. The little table beneath the hanging light is a temporary place-holder until we can find a better-scaled piece that we like, but there are places to set drinks, places to keep games and DVDs, and places to sit, so it's a workable arrangement for the time being.

Then we gave the living room a thorough clean. Chibi likes to hide under the couch when he's out (case in point below), so we always have to make sure that it's thoroughly swept after he's back in his cage.

We also gave the window sills a scouring, dusted, vacuumed, and cleaned under the couch cushions. I then lit a lavender candle, sat down, and basked in the glow of a freshly cleaned room.

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(Images: Carolyn Purnell)

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