Case Study: Making a Kids Room Feel Finished

Case Study: Making a Kids Room Feel Finished

Alison Gerber
Mar 27, 2014
(Image credit: Courtney Adamo)

What makes a room feel finished? Is that just an elusive feeling you never quite get to? Let's spend some time figuring that out. Look at this kids bedroom. Pretty, isn't it? Now look again and start to catalog everything that is in it...

(Image credit: Courtney Adamo)

1. The bedding is layered. There are multiple pillows on Ivy's bed, including different, letter shaped pillows. There is a throw on the full size bed, and a blanket hanging over the crib. Consider adding some different shaped, patterned and textured bedding to your space.

2. The mantle is full. There isn't just a photo propped up at one end, but the entire space has been filled with objects that are different sizes, colors and shapes.

3. The room has plants! No reason to shy away from greenery just because it's a kids' room, especially if you have a spot to put them up high.

4. The floor isn't completely bare. Kids play on the floor, so it makes perfect sense to have bins, baskets, book shelves or even toys at floor level.

5. Not all of the art is one-dimensional. Don't rely on printables and etsy prints for your art. These will leave your walls looking too flat and impersonal. A finished room like this one will almost always include a garland, three-dimensional objects being hung as art (like the masks, birdhouse and dream-catcher pictured above) and original art - even if it's an original painted by a child.

6. Some kids clothing or accessories are displayed out of the closet. Kids' clothes are so adorable! Why hide it away? Hanging a special dress or coat on a hook in the room is a favorite room accessory of many of our kids' room tours.

7. A kid actually lives here! If you're making a nursery for your baby that hasn't been born yet, and the room doesn't feel finished, wait to see how the room feels after baby has arrived. There's a very good chance that once they move in, and the room grows to include their own special toys, gifts, artwork, and interests, it will start to feel a lot more home-y.

Think I'm only talking about this one, particular room, that's not your style? Here are many of these same principles played out in a very different room:

Lulu's Art-Filled Downtown Digs might not feature much in the way of layered bedding (1) or clothes on display (6), but certainly has a full "mantle" atop that Expedit bookshelf (2), plants (3), a busy floorspace (4), a LOT of art (5), and plenty of evidence of a kid at home in her space.

What do you think makes a room feel finished? Have we missed anything you would consider an essential aspect of a finished kids' room? Share it below!

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