Caso’s Portable Induction Plate Lets You Cook Anywhere

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There is always a use for a hot plate. Hot plates are old technology. The new types of portable cooking plate are using induction. Caso has just released a portable induction plate.

You know the drill. Sometimes you just need an extra place to cook and not all places have stoves. This makes this portable induction plate very handy. The Blue Two plate is a small portable induction plate that is powered by 2.0 kW. It has a rotary control and 10 precise power levels. It also comes with a 180-minute timer and operates between 140°F and 428°F. The induction plate itself is covered in a glass-ceramic surface and also has a sensor which detects pans. It also has a some safety features so that you don’t burn down the house.

All in all, we find this little gizmo really neat. It’s very handy to have around, especially when you can’t have access to a full kitchen. It also looks pretty good. It’s available for $110 from Caso.