Casting Call! HGTV’s “The Fixer”

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Are you in a renovation nightmare? Then sign up for a new show from HGTV called
“The Fixer” (and we might just review your experience over here too. Especially if you, say, happen to disown your best friend,
get engaged to an idiot that no one likes, and stab your best co-worker buddy in the back by stealing her promotion. Oh wait.) The fine folks at
HGTV are looking for you Southern Californians who have been hosed by shoddy contractors and crews for crummy work (and even crummier work ethic).

If you want in on this show, live in the greater Los Angeles area, and are sick of looking at your house in shambles, send an email with photos and a description of your renovation nightmare to

PS. This is only for homeowners who have already have gone through a renovation gone horribly, horribly wrong. They won’t build a house from scratch. If you’re looking for that, you might need to call this guy.