Castro Mosquito Vaporizer

Castro Mosquito Vaporizer

Kristen Lubbe
May 21, 2010

With the summer months approaching very rapidly (hello, it's 80 degrees in DC today!) we're spending a lot of time outside. We plan on spending as much time outdoors as we possibly can &mdash living in the northeast it's basically a requirement to enjoy the warm months the best you can!

I'm actually sitting outside soaking up the sun while I write this! Bugs are flying everywhere &mdash landing not only on me, but my computer as well. That's fine and all, I'm not merely a city slicker, I can get down with the outdoors but I don't always want bugs flying all over me.

Of course there are bug zapping options at any of the local stores nearby, but, I don't necessarily want one that is going to be an eye sore or distract me while I'm trying to work or entertain guests. I found the Castro Mosquito Vaporizer and initially had no idea what it was. I was pleasantly surprised when I read and discovered it could be very helpful at a time like this.

The Vaporizer uses electronic vaporization to diffuse "Nomat," a chemical vapor that kills mosquitoes in the room and repels them outside. The interesting thing about nomat is that it's odorless and isn't harmful to pets or animals (just bugs!). The Vaporizer comes with three bottles of nomat that each last for 60 days. It's electric and runs for up to 8 hours before an auto-off with LED indicator sets in.

Each Castro Mosquito Vaporizer is $83 and can be shipped internationally.

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