9 Perches That Let Your Cats Be the Nosy Residents They’ve Always Wanted to Be

published Aug 21, 2019
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Posts and little hideaways give your cat a space to climb, play, and be extra adorable in their—oops, your—home. But the perches you’re probably used to seeing have gotten a major upgrade. Whether you swing for a climbing tree or a fun shelf, you can help your cat explore its curiosity with one of these seriously attractive pieces. 

A natural cat tree

Sauder’s cat tree has a classic look that will fit right in with woven baskets. It’s also massively practical: One leg is a scratching post, the padding is both removable and machine washable, and the woven sphere has two access holes for plenty of peek-a-boo moments.

A hanging home

Free up some floor space and let your cat get the best view of the neighborhood with this DIY hanging window basket cat perch, from Doreen of Hymns & Verses.

A literal tree

Satisfy your cat’s climbing instincts with its own dedicated tree. Yes, a real tree. Brittany of By Brittany Goldwyn turned two foraged branches into a stunning cat tree where both of her cats enjoy playing neighborhood watch. 

A sky-like wall design

MYZOO is a Japanese pet brand that specializes in creating cat furniture you’d actually want to display, and the company just started offering designs stateside. You can create a sky statement wall with the sun perch and/or the moon

Staggered shelves

Summer from Simple Stylings needed a large area where her two cats could play and that didn’t take up too much visual or physical space. Her DIY solution? A custom set of carpeted shelves, painted to match her living room’s soft shades. 

A wooden wall design

Archie & Oscar’s modern Cleopatra Branch Cat Perch is long and wavy—ideal for stretching out and playing. Plus, it comes in four colors and has a matching “leaf” piece so you can configure it to best suit your (and your cat’s) preferences. 

A leafy perch

This branchy perch offers a cozy place for wannabe jungle cats to stretch and hide, with silk leaves that seamlessly coordinate with any real plant shelves.

A kitty-sized hammock

The Merry Thought’s Manda has an entire home with modern Scandinavian vibes, and her cat needed a similar space. Thanks to a thoughtful DIY, the cat now has this cozy canvas hammock.

A cat tent

If you don’t want to spare any expense for your fur friend, nab this beech wood and wool bed from luxury cat brand Tuft + Paw, then situate it near a window to give your cat a private viewing area. (Alternatively, make a similar item through an easy upcycle project: Just take a side table, and add a cushion and a little tent.)