This New Brand Loves Cats So Much, Even Its Boxes Convert to Cat Houses

updated Mar 24, 2020
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Credit: Cat Person

Calling all cat lovers: There’s a new brand that’s committed to helping you take your kitty’s care to the next level. Aptly named Cat Person, the company offers food and treats along with bowls and furniture specifically designed with your favorite four-legged creatures in mind.

According to their survey, 80 percent of cat owners believe our culture caters more to dog people than cat people and 74 percent of cat owners wish they had healthier options for their cat. Cat Person created wet food that consists of low-carb, high-protein and grain-free in 16 recipes, including chicken, tuna, duck, mackerel and bream. Dry food is also available in three different recipes: chicken and turkey; duck and turkey; and salmon and tuna.

Credit: Cat Person

If you were to compile a list of cat gifts, it wouldn’t be complete without treats. Cat Person provides these feline goodies in the form of Goodness Blends, which offer digestive and immune support, hydration and strengthen cognitive health among other benefits.

“Pet stores are more like dog stores — you have to navigate aisles of dog products just to find a small cat section tucked away in the back corner. Once there, all you’ve got is a limited and lackluster selection,” says co-founder Jimmy Wu in a blog post. “We were stuck buying beds and bowls designed for small dogs, and ultimately, left feeling disappointed and underserved.”

Credit: Cat Person

Taking into consideration the human aspect of cat ownership, Cat Person also offers a Mesa Bowl, a feeding station that comes in three colorways: Jungle, Savanna and Tundra. Aside from being pleasing to the eye, the bowl comes with a removable stand and is designed with the cat’s height and whiskers in mind, which means no crouching down in order to eat comfortably and enjoying meal time without their whiskers getting in the way. There’s also a serve & store set that comes with three spoons along with silicone lids for storing wet foods, plus a set of measuring cups.

Credit: Cat Person

Since cats require ample play time (or else!), Cat Person invites customers to choose from their selection of Catnip Wand Toys to ensure that your kitty is thoroughly entertained. But since every cat’s favorite toy is the box that it came in, even Cat Person’s shipping materials easily convert into a a cozy little house. Though if you prefer something a little more aesthetically charming, they also offer a version for purchase that’s more than just cardboard.

For more info on pricing and products, check out Cat Person’s website.