Cat Vs. Couch: Who Wins the Shedding Wars in Your House?

Cat Vs. Couch: Who Wins the Shedding Wars in Your House?

Awwww, look at my fat kitty, all cozy on the couch. So cute, right? WRONG. That cat sheds the equivalent of his body weight daily, and until recently, his hair embedded itself firmly into the fabric of the sofa cushions. I was spending 15 to 20 minutes every day vacuuming and then using sticky rollers to get the rest. Yet there were still white hairs woven into the fibers. Cat: 1. Couch: Zero.

I finally decided to try something new. My first effort was to cover the sofa with a sheet, but that looked unattractive and was a hassle to remove when guests came over. Then I found these inexpensive throw rugs at Ikea. Not only do they add a pop of color and pattern to the charcoal sofa, but kitty loves to lay on them. Better yet, I can just pull them off and shake them outside, and when guests come, the cushions beneath are hair-free. The rugs are also washable. It's made a huge difference.

I realize that such a solution may not be for everyone, though, and when I redecorate, it may not work for me either. I just keep thinking back to the gorgeous chairs my mom bought when I was little -- she promptly had them wrapped in plastic to protect from kids and dogs. Plastic on bare legs? Yuck.

So, I'm curious how all you design-heads deal with cat and dog hair on furniture? Who is winning the shedding wars in your house?

Image: AnnaMaria Stephens

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