These Geometric Wall Shelves Double as a Cat Playground

updated Jun 9, 2020
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Although wall perches are great for your cat’s physical and mental health, they’re often not something you want on display in a well-curated apartment. They can throw off the room’s look with designs and finishes that look like something the cat dragged in (pun not intended).

Etsy seller CatsMode creates attractive alternatives that will not only help entertain your cats, but also adds interest to your walls. The perches have a modular, hexagon-shaped design which allows the pieces to be mounted together. The resulting honeycomb pattern helps create one focal point instead of several smaller groupings, much like a gallery wall.

CatsMode’s perches are handcrafted from birch plywood and come in two subtle colors, black and dark walnut, that will blend in with many decor styles. As for the steps that lead up to the perches, they come in two designs. One’s a similar geometric shape, and the other a silhouette of a cat’s head.

CatsMode also sells other pet furniture, such as a geometric cat bed and a cozy cat cave that wouldn’t look out of place in any home.

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