7 Window Perches Perfect for Picky Cats

published Apr 30, 2019
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(Image Credit: Brittany Goldwyn)

One of cats’ most impressive abilities is how they can find endless new spaces to occupy. How did they even get up there? Did you know she could fit in that? Where is the Marquess of Pawsbury now?

Rather than sacrificing another shoebox or bookshelf, give your furry overlord new spaces to explore—or at least watch over—with these perches.


Get outdoors

(Image Credit: Cuckoo4Design)

If your indoor cats are pining for the outdoors, but the local bird population doesn’t feel quite as enthusiastic about their presence, let them experience the wild safely with this DIY enclosure.

Gold Star Decor

(Image Credit: Imgur)

Let your cat channel their inner Mario with this themed perch—just keep your turtles safely away.

Back to nature

(Image Credit: Brittany Goldwyn)

Take the idea of a “cat tree” literally with this branch-based project.


(Image Credit: IKEAHackers)


Box it up

Everyone knows a cat’s favorite part of any toy is the box it came in—so why not just give them the box? This modular cardboard system can be arranged to best suit both Sir Meowsalot and your space, and provides entertainment for both of you.

Avoid a DIY cat-astrophe

If you’d rather not build your own components, CatastrophiCreations makes easy-to-customize systems with a rustic farmhouse vibe.

Hang out

(Image Source: Chewy)

Worried about your walls? This hanging cat condo goes over the back of your door to avoid putting holes in your walls or occupying too much floor space.