Catalog Envy: Wistful Workspace Ideas from a CB2 Catalog

Catalog Envy: Wistful Workspace Ideas from a CB2 Catalog

Chris Perez
Feb 15, 2013

We all like to flip through the pages of a catalog to get design ideas. And while, yes, we know we shouldn't be striving to have a picture perfect catalog living space, I often become envious of the vignettes on display. Follow along with me as I try to pull some inspiration for updating my workspace in the latest CB2 catalog.

I wish I had a concrete wall in my workspace, and that I was bold enough to paint something like this big blue heart on it.

Bonus points if that concrete wall wass painted solid white already, and if I was able to hastily, yet artistically, paint something like that heart without dripping and getting paint everywhere.

Product I'd put in my workspace: The blue Ladder to hang the many magazines (and catalogs like these) I use for inspiration - $159

I wish I had these tiny blue dino tea light holders, and I wish my wife wouldn't notice that I made an audible "Rarrr!" everytime I looked at them.

How cool are they? And more so, how cool is that tagline? I had to look up a clip of Jimmy Walker just to be reminded of the awesomeness of his familiar saying. Now I hope my friends don't get too annoyed by me saying "dyno-mite" for the next couple days.

Product I'd put in my workspace: Obviously the dino tealight holders. But I wonder if I could put push pins, paper clips, or maybe even camera memory cards in them instead - $9.95

I wish I was lo-fi enough to have this retro cool Tivoli radio and not be disappointed that it support Airplay or web connected apps like Spotify.

I love spotting Tivoli radios in our home tours or in catalog pages like these. But would it kill the whole feel if they slapped a discrete touchscreen display on top, and added features that make modern wireless speakers all the rage these days?

Product I'd put in my workspace: OK, so they do make a Bluetooth Tivoli radio, maybe that's a sufficient compromise - $299.99

I wish I had a desk with an invisible computer -- that ran off wireless power.

Then when I typed up blog posts like these, I'd be redefining the word "ghost writer". I also wish typing "ghost writer" didn't make me think of Ghost Rider, the horrible Nick Cage movie. Arrggghhhhh!

Product I'd put in my workspace: I guess I'll just have to settle with the TLD Desk because I don't see any links to that invisible desktop - $399

I wish I had an inset wall in one of my rooms and that I was precise enough to measure out a 3 x 6 grid of hanging candleholders that hung at exactly the same distance from the other.

Yes, I know this isn't a workspace but, whoa! I wish I had one that gave me the patience to light each one of those candleholders individually by hand. I also wish my workspace gave me so much confidence that I could go to sleep by the flickering candlelight without worrying my cat was going to jump up, knock them all down and then light my bed and eventually the whole house on fire.

Product I'd put in my workspace: Motivation posters. Or maybe this zen sandbox platform. Surely that would give me the calm I need.

(Images: CB2)

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