Catching Some Z's: Are You a Log or a Feather?

Catching Some Z's: Are You a Log or a Feather?

Alysha Findley
Mar 26, 2012

The world is comprised of two kinds of sleepers, the logs and the feathers…

There are those of us that can literally sleep through anything and fall asleep anywhere at a moment's notice (my husband), and those of us who hear every bump and creak in the night that jolts them awake and then aren't able to fall back to sleep (me). I've always been jealous of the former and wonder when these sleeping habits formed. Does it develop in childhood? Is it the difference between your parents being loud and teaching you to sleep through it, and them being so silent that any noise now startles you? I'm not sure, but it's definitely something I consider when thinking about raising my future family.

I'm here to share a little wisdom with all the feathers of the world on something that has made a big difference in my quality of sleep. White noise! A few years back I began turning on a fan before bed (even for daytime naps) and it has changed my world. It started out because of the smoldering hot summer evenings in Los Angeles, but when winter came around, I just threw on a few more blankets to deal with the chill, because the fan was staying.

Since then I've experimented with other sounds like oceans and forests, etc, but they all give my mind something to latch on to. There is something about the dull, steady, white noise hum of a fan that calms my mind and drowns out any superfluous noises around me.

After years of doing this my husband bought me a small portable sound/white noise machine (so I can bring it on trips, too) that has been fabulous. At this point the sound just kind of tells my brain, "hey lady, turn it off, it's time to wind down" and also helps drown out the sounds of the cats running around and my husband getting up in the morning.

All in all I give white noise machines two thumbs up (oh and a sleeping mask too) and would suggest any of my fellow feathers out there looking for a better night's sleep give it a try.

Are you a log or a feather, and how do you deal with it? Leave tips and tricks below.

(Image: Matteo's Fil Coupe Duvet Cover via Apartment Therapy's Elegantly Unkempt Bedding for Messy People)

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