Catherine & Christofer’s 1930’s Budget Colonial

Name: Catherine & Cristofer
Location: Hyde Park, Massachusetts
Size: 1,200 square feet
Years lived in: Rented – 2 years
Who else lives there: Mirabelle (age 5) and Clementine (2 months)

If this main picture looks a bit familiar, it should. Catherine is an avid reader of Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn and recently submitted her home for a House Call: Catherine’s Dutch Colonial.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Catherine and Christofer’s 1930’s Dutch Colonial is made up of four rooms on the first floor and three rooms on the second, with each room having it’s own vibe. There are playful, cool hues in the kid’s room; deep purples and reds in the master bedroom, and clean neutrals in the dining room. Different palettes to suit any mood.

They’ve organized their home with just the right amount of furniture and art to make it cozy and lived in yet very breathable, and easy to navigate.

As Catherine pointed out, she has created a colorful, inviting home on the most modest of budgets. With only $500 she has carefully selected a few key pieces of furniture and fully embraced the DIY spirit for the remaining furnishings.

In the dining room she has created a focal point of framed drawings and collages, using an unfussy palette of black, white and cream. Her color choice keeps the wall space feeling airy while adding texture. The two collages in the living room are originals as well, and she’s used duct tape along the fireplace to turn an eyesore into geometric installation art. Even the purchased artwork in her bedroom has been personalized with a touch of color.

In the living room she mixed a pair of more expensive IKEA panel curtains with inexpensive sheers and found her bedroom curtains at the Dollar Store. Catherine has created an easy space for her family with very creative, personal touches everywhere you look.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our style: Eclectic mix of everything. We like our space simple and clutter free, with a focus on bold colors and strong lines.

What is your greatest inspiration? My budget (or lack thereof) has inspired me to think outside the box. Now I see items on the sidewalk and imagine how I can incorporate them into my home, rather than dismissing them as junk.

Favorite Element: The claw-foot tub in the bathroom.

Biggest Challenge: The fact that we are renters and are unable to make permanent changes, like moving walls and expanding rooms.

Proudest DIY: Definitely some of the artwork on the walls. I am also proud of the lamp I painted in the kids room and the dresser I converted to hold my records.

Best Advice: Follow your gut to see where it takes you, and remember not to be afraid of color! Thrift stores, dollar stores, and yard sales are also great — but you already know that.

Dream Source: I hate the feeling that you are walking into a showroom, but I would love to incorporate a few pieces from Knoll.

Furniture: Vintage, junk on the side of road, and IKEA.

Window Treatments:The Dollar Store. Never underestimate those places!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thanks, Catherine & Cristofer!