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Ceiling Heights: Low to High and Back Again

updated Oct 14, 2022
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Where I grew up, most houses are in new developments and the standard 8-foot ceiling reigns. I remember moving into a pre-war Brooklyn apartment with 12-foot ceilings and feeling like the skies had opened up.

For the first year or so, the space felt lofty and expansive because of those high ceilings. Then you adjust and the ceiling height where you live is the new norm. Going home over holidays, 8-foot ceilings suddenly felt oppressive and spaces seemed extremely horizontal.

What ceiling heights are you accustomed to? Do you feel a jarring sense of expanse or confinement when you change things up – either in a move or a visit to someone else’s place? If you know what we’re talking about and have a story to share, please tell below!

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(Image: still from Being John Malkovich)