Celebrate With Decor Every Day: 5 Fresh Updates

Celebrate With Decor Every Day: 5 Fresh Updates

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 5, 2014

Feeling that familiar sadness that creeps in after the excitement of the new year wears off and you're left with an empty house after holiday decorations have been put up? There are classic, festive elements you can add to your decor to help you celebrate all year long — but they're a little tired. Here are five ideas on how to update them for 2014.

1. Big and dramatic tassels
Tassels might not immediately jump to mind when it comes to decor for celebrating, but if they work in your space, they're an unexpected and wonderful detail that adds loads of personality.

How to update this trend for 2014: Play with scale by making or buying your own to use not just as details on design objects, but as the design objects, like large wall hangings and more. Pictured is a Macrame Wall Hanging by Slow Down Productions on Etsy. We liked the tassel wall hangings by Ouch Flower on Etsy as example, too. Feel free to go full-on macrame/tassel combo if you want; it's a new-enough trend and we still love it.

2. Banners: Funny, unexpected and switched out often
Much like inspirational posters, banners outside of a party can be an unexpected pop of celebration on a regular day. Affordable (you don't have to frame it!) they're easy to hang and you can either buy pre-made awesome ones or make your own.

How to update this trend for 2014: The funnier the phrase, the better. Consider putting it in a really unexpected place. Have a few stored away to switch out based on mood or whim to keep it fresh. Awesome examples spotted in Mememolly & Mike's Flea Market-Style Funhouse in Brooklyn.

3. Paper lanterns and pom-poms
The more the merrier has been the idea in recent years. So cheap and easy to install, they're the sort of decor item you can play around with, change out when you get tired of and always find a place to install. But huge colorful clusters of lanterns have certainly been done to death.

How to update this trend for 2014: Play with pattern (pictured are some bold ones from Wolfum), and keep those clusters a little less cluttered. Incorporate weird/different shapes (we still love these fruit ones).

4. Bunting and garlands
These festive strings of fabric or paper are easy to hang in a corner of a room or over a piece of furniture. But they've been done in every room from nursery to bathroom. You can find buyable, classic examples in Garlands, Pennants, and Buntings...Oh My! Print them out.

How to update this trend for 2014: Consider a different material (these made out of bows are a good example of thinking outside the box).

5. Twinkly lights
Many folks happily hang strings of light illuminating their outdoor spaces, but still shy away from incorporating them indoors. They don't work for every decor style, but they bring a warm glow to a space when they do. Find inspiration for the entire home or just for the bedroom.

How to update this trend for 2014: Keep it simple, keep it sophisticated. Aim to let the glow show, not any messy strings. And if you do let the strings show, keep them hanging tightly, neatly and perhaps even in controlled, geometric patterns.

What festive elements do you still add into your decor because you love them? Any new and fresh ideas you've come up with that take celebrating in your decor every day to the next level?

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