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Celebrities Who Live in Refreshingly Small Spaces

published Feb 15, 2018
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Celebs—they’re just like us! Except that, well, they’re usually gazillionaires with multiple cars and mansions to boot.

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That’s why it’s so refreshing to stumble upon superstars who actually live small — aka “normal” by IRL standards. And while truth be told, there aren’t a ton of them out there, the celebs who do opt to live in modest homes just make it all the more worthwhile to discover. From an international pop star to one of the richest moguls in the world, here are seven big names who live in surprisingly humble dwellings.


If you weren’t already smitten with international pop star Kesha, here’s another reason to adore her. Despite being one of the highest paid singer-songwriters of the past decade, up until recently, she chose to reside in a humble SoCal bungalow — think: 1,400 square feet, three bedrooms, and two baths — instead of a mega-mansion in Venice Beach.

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Robert Pattinson

How much do we love Robert Pattinson? Let us count the ways. Arguably one of the most famous actors of our generation (The Twilight Saga, anyone?), the actor opts to stay in a relatively small — at least by Hollywood standards —1,940-square-foot two-bedroom hideaway in the Hollywood Hills (albeit a $2 million one with a gorgeous lagoon-style pool).

(Image credit: Dwell)

Vincent Kartheiser

There’s “small by celebrity standards” spaces, and then there’s just small. And in the case of Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser’s former 580-square foot cabin in Hollywood — which boasts a modern Murphy bed and “Japanese Industrial-style” efficiency — well, that’s just tiny by any measure. You can tour the entire creative space over at Dwell. Vincent sold the tiny space in 2014, moving on to a 1,000 square foot penthouse in Brooklyn with wife Alexis Bledel, which they sold in 2016. No word on what (hopefully small) place Vincent is calling home lately.

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Jennifer Lawrence

Even though she reportedly makes a whopping $20M per film, up until recently, the 27-year old actress called a 1,400 square foot, two-bedroom condo in Santa Monica home. Even cooler, she stayed living in the modestly sized space even after she scored an Oscar for her 2012 role in Silver Linings Playbook.

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Warren Buffett

Believe it or not, billionaire business magnate Warren Buffet — who has a net worth of $91.6 billion making him the third wealthiest person in the United States and in the entire world—lives in a surprisingly unassuming place. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, Buffett purchased the 5-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom house (which he still resides in today) for just $31,500 back in 1958, making it only worth about $652,619 today.