Cellphone Signal Extender

Cellphone Signal Extender

Jul 17, 2007

Poor cell phone reception, there's nothing more frustrating. We've lived in a basement apartment before, and mistakenly changed service providers. Our shiny, new cell phone was great to use while out and about, but became completely useless when we were at home. We tried everything, but to no avail. We were so frustrated we probably would have sprung for one of these.

The Cellphone Signal Extender promises to improve the strength of your signal dramatically. Thinkgeek reports that their iPhone's one bar shot up to five after installing this device.

You just need a free window, and a cable running to the booster box. The device will boost for an area of around 2500 square feet. Perfect for the small apartment.

But, this is quite the investment ranging from $250-350. However, if it works it may be worth it, especially if you've just invested in the iPhone and AT&T. But despite ThinkGeek's glowing recommendations, we're skeptical. Anyone out there tried one of these with success?

-via Oh Gizmo!

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