This Tiny $15 Find Will Hold All Your Scarves, Belts, and Hats and Free Up So Much Extra Space In Your Closet

published Feb 9, 2024
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Credit: Anna Spaller

Having a tiny bedroom (with a proportional closet) is not ideal when you love clothes and accessories like I do. At the moment, I have a storage cube that’s overflowing with hats and scarves, and my bags are hanging off of every available door knob. With the former, it’s nearly impossible to find what I’m looking for without dumping the whole bin out on the floor, and as for the latter, having bags strewn all over the place makes my bedroom look cluttered no matter what I do. Plus, I’m sure my current storage solutions aren’t the best way to keep all of my pieces in tip-top shape.

After dealing with this setup for way too long, I know that a change is necessary. That’s where QVC comes in. It’s a one-stop shop for every organizing and storage solution you could ever imagine, and my most recent find from the retailer isn’t a want — it’s a need. Here’s why Cella’s ingenious hanger set is a must-have for anyone who loves accessories as much as I do.

What is the Cella Multi-Use Accessory Hanger?

This set comes with four hangers, and each one is double-sided, so you can store double the number of accessories. Overall, you’ll have eight slots, and each hook can support up to 10 pounds, so you’ll get all of your pieces organized in a single go. Instead of having to nail hooks into the wall, you can easily hang your belts and bags right alongside your clothes. With each hanger’s ability to rotate in a full circle, all of your items will remain visible and easy to grab, which is a major step up if you have a storage bin situation going on like me. Further, the raised edges guarantee that your belts and purses won’t fall off, and even though the organizers will be tucked away in your closet, it doesn’t hurt that you can choose between neutral or pastel hues.

Credit: QVC

Only $15 for four organizers is a total steal, if you ask me. You can declutter your space because you’ll never have to drape your bags over door knobs or corners ever again — and I’m sure this new and improved solution will prolong their lifespan, too. Not to mention, you’ll probably wear your accessories more often when you can find and grab them so effortlessly. My statement stands: This is a need, not a want!