CES 2009: 3D Televisions Coming Soon!

CES 2009: 3D Televisions Coming Soon!

Gregory Han
Jan 15, 2009
Besides super thin displays, the most fun we had at CES was noting the technological steps forward in the realm of 3D displays. Manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and Sony showcased various models of differing technology and ability (our favourite being LG's 55" LCD model that had people grasping in front of their faces, but required glasses for the effect). A couple of sets used a lenticular technology which required viewers to stand at particular and specific distances, with reduced resolution/clarity. Unfortunately, even our trusty Nikon D90 is not capable of capturing what it is like to stand in front of these units with their dimensional tomfoolery, but we've included a few snapshots below (and the budget recreation above)...

Samsung's 3D display did not require glasses, but its 3D abilities were only visible from 9 specific viewing coordinates. Impressive, but a bit dizzying and disorienting after several minutes of viewing.

Sony handed out some Rayban inspired specs to help showcase a demo of sports and PS3 gaming in 3 dimensions. The effects were impressive, especially watching offroad racing games (Motor Storm) with particles and scenery whizzing by. No word on when these sets will see the light of day.

Another non-glasses-required set from LG. The burger image really popped out of the set from the 4 meter distance recommended. This did result in some butt to butt bumping with the folks behind us viewing their other glasses required units which were extremely clear and even more dimensionally convincing. And best yet, LG's rep told us that they're going to offer this 3D tech as an option coming in 2010, with an estimated additional cost of $1000 per unit, using the headgear solution since the lenticular, glasses-free tech is both lower resolution perceptually and as noted above, tiring on the eyes. A handful of notable films (mostly animated from the likes of Disney and Dreamworks) and games will be offered in the format by next year to coincide with the release of these sets.

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