Chair Socks: Give Your Furniture Some Fashion

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This morning we spotted these funny little socks… for your chairs. Some part of us is thinking how silly they are, while the other part is wondering, why we didn’t think this up ourselves. There’s been countless times we’ve hit up auctions or tag sales and come across rogue chairs which are in great condition, except for the feet. So when you don’t want to refinish, just dress them up! Details after the jump…

Chris&Ruby are behind the chair sock idea, and although we can’t wait for their webstore to open, we can’t help but think about lone, crazy thrift store socks just waiting for some adjusting. Or how about after doing your laundry when you only have 1 sock and can’t find its mate? The diy possibilities are more than obvious.

Aside from being fashionable, they would also protect your floors and look funky while doing it. Would you ever use chair socks? Just saying the phrase makes us giggle!

(via: Design Milk)

(Image: Chris&Ruby)