Discarded Chair Dragon by Benjamin Jones & Anna Hecker

Discarded is part of the FIGMENT Festival art installation on Governor’s Island. Artists Benjamin Jones and Anna Hecker made the 30′ long sculpture from chairs and furniture found on the streets of Brooklyn on trash day…

Discarded explores the ideas of creative reuse and foraging:

While the sidewalks of New York City on trash night are a rich resource of useful items and cultural artifacts, most New Yorkers hold pre-conceived fears of tapping into this resource: practical fears of dirt and vermin, and emotional fears based on the societal perception of welcoming discarded items into our homes. The resulting obsession with new purchases saps the world of natural resources, and the ease of shopping versus crafting creates a psychic distance from our belongings that enables us to acquire and discard at will. By refocusing our communities on the process of foraging and creation, we can help transform our society into one that values originality and sustainability rather than purposeless consumption.

Have you been to Governor’s Island?

You can read more about Discarded and artists Benjamin Jones and Anna Hecker.

(Images: Aaron Able)

posted originally from: AT:New York