Change Storage Containers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

So, you’re getting organized for the new year and you’ve decluttered and donated. Without buying a whole lot of new stuff, you can freshen up your child’s play area for them while you’re still motivated:

While we usually buy storage that hides a lot of toys, we picked up a few open containers from Ikea and placed some of our daughter’s prettier toys that are usually in drawers (wooden blocks, branch blocks) in the small, open containers. We also took her shape bean bags out of the drawstring bag they’re usually in and did the same. Take things out of the boxes or packaging they came in and put them into small, open bins at your child’s level.

Just by changing the way toys are stored and placing them in a new environment, you’ll be creating a fresh space for your little one to enjoy. You’ll be amazed at how he or she comes to investigate the same old stuff, presented in a different way.