Move, Wii and Kinect: Active Game Playing

Move, Wii and Kinect: Active Game Playing

Joel Pirela
Dec 16, 2010

Video games are aiming for a more realistic interaction with the user, getting the player off the couch and inside the world of fantasy the game offers. Also, making us more active than just laying there pressing some buttons. Welcome to the Motion Controllers. You are living the future of video games now.

Nintendo Wii
This is a controller that uses sensors, accelerometers and a add-on gyroscope for precision, detect motion. An infrared emitter gives x-y position. The best games rely on fast, broad, kid friendly moves. There are a lot of selection out there, since most Wii games use motion as the only way of interaction. Pointing precision can be problematic and since it doesn't have a video camera, augmented reality, is not a reality just yet.

Microsoft Kinetic (or what it was Project Natal)
Your entire body is the controller, thanks to the help of a special camera. You just set it on top of the XBox 360, and an infrared projector plus an image sensor, creates a detailed 3D map of the environment and you. Tracking your whole body and just not a tiny controller means a lot of freedom and better ways of interaction, allowing more motions, such as kicks and even exercises.
The lack of buttons can make the set up selection a little frustrating and maybe, limiting the shooter kind of video games.

Sony Playstation Move
A controller that uses sensors and a camera. Your standard accelerometers and gyroscopes paint your position on a x-y grid that the console creates of you. Combining many measurements, provides a high degree of accuracy and even comes with an optional joystick for navigation on complex games.

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