Monster Mobile Cart

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been shopping in the kid’s department again. This time we came across Powell’s “Monster” line, a set of rugged bedroom furniture designed to withstand the beastly antics of small humans.

The standout piece is this mobile storage unit, which we like for its ample storage (shelves, drawers, and a cabinet), heavy duty construction (steel frame, chrome-plated drawer fronts), and industrial-domestic feel.

We imagine it used as a media cart, a console, or as a storage unit in an adult bedroom or home office. But the killer app we’re thinking of is actually for kids after all: a very alternative changing table that can morph into a regular dresser for an older child. The unit is just the right height (36″) and width (19″) to be topped off with a changing table pad and stocked with diapers.

Available for $498 here.