Channeling A Deserted Island … At Home

The closest I’ve ever gotten to being on a deserted island are summer visits with friends to El Matador State Beach (right outside of Los Angeles). And usually, on the trip home, the overall feeling is a state of relaxation and peacefulness. But sometimes it’s nice to channel the deserted island feeling at home–especially when a trip to the beach is out of the question.

Top Row
Creating outdoor seating underneath a DIY canopy gets my vote anytime! I also love the look of a makeshift tent for lounging and relaxing. And if your space allows, design a place to sleep outdoors with the help of an indoor (or outdoor) patio. Summer evenings are great for enjoying the cooler weather once the sun goes down–channel your own deserted island at home by cozying up the outdoors.

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I’ve also been a big fan of shell decor since the first (of many) family vacations to the beach. Bringing home souvenirs of travels always made the memories last year-round. A giant clam shell can function as a decorative bowl or container for the landing strip. You can also string a handful of shells and create a mobil for your space. The versatility of shells is what I love best–allowing you to change up your decor over time.

Bottom Row
To me, nothing is more inspiring than a beach sky (be it stormy or crystal clear). Incorporating these beautiful, blue hues in your home is a great way to surround yourself in a sea of tranquil bliss.