The Fastest Way To Charge Your Smartphone!

The Fastest Way To Charge Your Smartphone!

Jason Yang
Jul 30, 2012

If you're simply using the standard USB charger that came with your smartphone, did you know you might not be getting the fastest charge available? Find out how to speed up the time it takes to refill your phone when you need power quick!

Did you know that there are currently three specifications for USB, USB 1, USB 2, and USB 3? Each version upgraded the standard for faster data transfer and power capabilities among other features. In 2007 a new rule further defined different types of USB ports, specifically the addition of a "dedicated charging port." The charging port can supply more power than a standard or charging "downstream port" and thus charge your USB device faster.

In the USB 1.0 and 2.0 specs, a standard downstream port is capable of delivering up to 500mA (0.5A); in USB 3.0, it moves up to 900mA (0.9A). The charging downstream and dedicated charging ports provide up to 1500mA (1.5A). - ExtremeTech

If you're charging your phone through your computer, you're probably just using a standard or charging downstream port, limited to the slower power ratings of the specification. Switch to a dedicated wall charger and check to make sure it's a high powered charger so that you're not simply drawing a charge at a lower power rating. If you insist on charging through your computer (as you sync, for example), you might also be throttling your charging speed if you're connecting your phone via a USB hub. Many USB hubs aren't rated for very many amps per USB port, so check the power rating or switch to a direct connection.

We upgraded our chargers around the home and the difference in speed is astounding. It's well worth the nominal upgrade.

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