8 Charging Nightstands That’ll Help Solve Your Bedroom’s Outlet Problem

updated Mar 7, 2023
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Credit: Leandro Crespi / Stocksy

Stuff we like: Being tucked into bed, ready for a full night’s sleep. Stuff we don’t like: Having to get out from under the warm covers to plug in our phone or untangle charging cords. Plus, if you live in an older home that doesn’t have many electrical outlets, just finding a place to plug in your phone or bedside lamp can be a nightmare. Thankfully, there is one small piece of furniture that can solve both of these problems and make your bedtime and wake-up routines easier.

We’re talking about charging nightstands. These have built-in power outlets and USB outlets and are ready to charge your devices (while keeping them within arm’s reach). Even better? There are plenty options that look as good as they function, packing lots of storage and capability into a sleek, stylish frame. Check out our picks for the best technologically-adept nightstands and get one that will upgrade your bedroom.

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1 / 8
West Elm
was $449.00

This mid-century-modern-inspired nightstand hides two USB sockets and two power outlets under a flip-top cover at the back of the stand. Charge all your devices at night, then flip the top down in the morning for a clean look. Two drawers give you space to store cords, books, and other nighttime essentials.

2 / 8

The visible woodgrain downplays this nightstand's technological savvy, giving you an interesting mix of old and new. Choose between black, white, and brown color options and use the large cabinet for additional bedroom storage. With two electrical outlets and two USB outlets on the side, this has room for all your devices as well as a reading light.

3 / 8

Get all the best tech with this modern wood veneer nightstand. It has two power sockets and a USB port at the back for plenty of charging capabilities, plus a LED light underneath that lights up when you step near it — perfect for nighttime bathroom trips. And with such a simple, compact design, it works just as great beside the bed as it does by the sofa.

4 / 8

This nightstand is a bit of a splurge, but it’s well worth it. With a boxy wood exterior and multi-sized sculpted drawers, it has a nice texture that adds visual interest. It also offers a good amount of storage space while maintaining a compact, minimal look, and, of course, a small compartment at the back of the stand hides power outlets and USB ports for all your charging needs.

5 / 8
Home Depot

Looking for something slim and budget-friendly? This simple wooden nightstand costs less than $100 and is perfect if your style leans more traditional. The single drawer can hold all your bedside essentials, while the open bottom is great for containing a large storage basket or stacking books. It’s also available in brown.

6 / 8

Available in three colors — white, gray, and natural wood — this spacious nightstand has an extra open shelf below the drawer for the items you grab more regularly. This is also the only nightstand we found that has optional USB charging ports. Screw them onto the back of the furniture and plug their other end into a wall outlet, or leave them off for a simply stylish choice.

7 / 8
Pottery Barn

A rather unassuming charging nightstand, this one stashes the USB and electrical outlets at the back of the middle shelf so you can avoid having wires dangle off the front. The lower drawer is quite roomy and is a great spot to keep extra throw blankets so you can stay cozy in bed and play Wordle.

8 / 8
was $166.99

With its simple and clean wicker detailing, this charging nightstand easily works with decor schemes in both adults' and children's bedrooms. It would also be a great fit for the living room, especially if you're someone who likes to multitask with your phone while you're watching your shows.