Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Heaven Can Wait

French actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg collaborated with Beck on her new release, IRM—an album with a dreamy, psychedelic sound that translates into some creepy but cool visuals for Heaven Can Wait, a new music video directed by Keith Schofield.

Gainsbourg has said that the IRM (which is French for MRI) is based on her experience in treatment for a head injury. Speaking about her time in the MRI machine and the songs that emerged from it, she says, “Although it is very chaotic, and very scary too…in the end I could even fall asleep in there.”

The interiors from the new video have a similar mix of strange and ordinary references: crocheted afghans next to Jeff Koons-style animal sculptures, a girly bathroom with a person in a gorilla mask in the tub, a family dining table with a cow skull sitting at the end. It’s definitely not one-to-one inspiration for an apartment, but it’s an interesting combination of everyday interiors and uncommon details. (And it’s really not that far from the weird and wonderful stuff in her dad, Serge Gainsbourg’s, Paris apartment.)

Screenshots and Video: Charlotte Gainsbourg / IRM