I Asked ChatGPT for Tips on Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom

published Sep 20, 2023
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gray guest bedroom with canopy bed and blue and white accents
Credit: Brittany Anas

My guest room is one of my favorite spots in my home. Sunshine pours into the second-floor space most mornings, and a large window frames a leafy tree that turns brilliant shades of red and orange during Colorado’s brief-yet-dramatic autumn. 

The guest bedroom is most frequently accommodated by a friend who, when I’m traveling, stays with my 15-year-old dog. He’s a Boston terrier who doesn’t like to venture too far from the one-mile radius surrounding his house — and who enjoys curling up and baking like a cinnamon roll in a low-to-the ground boucle swivel chair in the room each morning. The vacancy sign at my place is always up for family members, friends, and fellow writers who are visiting Denver or making a pit stop in the Mile High City before dispatching to surrounding mountain towns. 

As someone who loves hosting out-of-towners and showing them around Denver, I’m always looking for ways to make the guest room feel like a hotel. A while back, I forgot to switch my sheets to the dryer so I spent a night in my guest room. I promptly added a white noise machine and sleeping masks after realizing how much noise and light was coming into the space from the street. 

Of course we’re going for five stars at Casa de Anas, so I thought it would be fun to ask ChatGPT what it would change in my guest room. Unfortunately, it can’t read images (yet) but I asked the AI chatbot for tips on creating the perfect guest room. It had some suggestions that were actually kind of genius, as well as some tips that I’ll ignore. 

Here are three things ChatGPT would change about my guest room (plus two things I got right). 

Credit: Brittany Anas

A neutral color scheme works best (though not for me).

If ChatGPT were to spin the color wheel, the palette in my guest bedroom would consist of neutral colors like light grays, soft blues, or muted greens, which the AI chatbot says can “create a calming and inviting atmosphere.” I do indeed have blues and greens — but they’re bolder jewel tones, with maximalist bedding and loads of texture courtesy of Target’s Jungalow collection. The rug has nautical blue stripes and the in-room Keurig is a pastel pink. As far as neturals and muted colors, I suppose I have a few pieces that fall into the category — a creamy, sculptural table lamp, the swivel chair, and a large, soft blue-and-white vase.

Curtains are key, and I agree.

ChatGPT is right: The space needs some curtains. All of that glorious morning light that filters in is wonderful if you’re an early bird. But it can be a little overbearing (and hot in the summertime) for those who don’t want to wake up with the sun. ChatGPT suggests sheer curtains to soften the room and let natural light filter through. I actually think some blackout shades would be a better fit. I had previously purchased some, but they were too heavy for the space and I haven’t gotten around to find the just-right curtains.

It’s time to leave out a sign with WiFi information.

ChatGPT suggests leaving a small note with WiFi details, which is a great idea. I recently switched internet providers, so repeat guests won’t be able to log in to my old network and will need a new password to connect to DropItLikeItsHotSpot. Other additions ChatGPT listed that make sense to me? A luggage rack and plants. It suggested having a list of “house rules,” too, but that feels more appropriate for someone running an Airbnb. 

Credit: Brittany Anas

I have plenty of storage space, thankfully.

One of ChatGPT’s golden hosting rules: “Provide sufficient storage options for guests to unpack their belongings, such as a luggage rack, closet space with hangers, or drawers.”

My guest room excels in this department, with a vintage vanity hutch that has plenty of drawer space as well as an empty closet with hangers, which should make ChatGPT proud. (It’s so tempting to use the space for extra storage!) 

I’ve added some personal touches and amenities, too.

Beyond the basics, ChatGPT suggests adding personal touches to the room including things like fresh flowers and a mini fridge. I usually have some eucalyptus bundles in the shower and love to leave out some of my favorite things for guests, like a lavender pillow spray, sleep masks, lotion (it’s dry in Colorado!), a Pura diffuser with the Volcano scent (it smells like Anthropologie) and a little tray to hold jewelry. Of course, Boston terrier snuggles are included in the stay to all those who want them. Somehow, that didn’t come up on ChatGPT’s list of guest room tips.