Chatting with Angeleno Interiors' Editor-in-Chief

Chatting with Angeleno Interiors' Editor-in-Chief

Marcia Prentice
Oct 26, 2011

Last week I attended Angeleno Interiors' release of their Fall issue event. It was quite a party and I ran into a lot of other interior designers/friends. Have you seen the cover of their new fall issue yet - one of my favorite interior designers, Jeff Andrews, landed the cover!

I read many shelter magazines, but especially love Angeleno Interiors because the magazine focuses on the great designs of Los Angeles (makes me feel proud to live in LA). It is always interesting chatting with other editors and finding out what they believe are the hot new trends and their dream sources. We live in the same city and are surrounded by the same designers, yet everyone has a different perspective on design.

I don't know how I scored an interview with the editor-in-chief of Angeleno Interiors, but I managed to squeeze in an interview before her schedule filled up with the next issue's tasks. I am so excited to share our conversation below...

APARTMENT THERAPY: What is your favorite design style?

ALEXANDRIA MOTT: I don't have one specific style; I feel like traditional, modern, and contemporary all have their place and beauty. But the one thing I always love is a sense of coziness - a sense of warmth, sanctuary, and protection from the outside world. To me that's the key to a fabulous home. I really believe you can inject that sense of coziness into any style of home.

APARTMENT THERAPY: What are your dream sources for furniture and home decor?

ALEXANDRIA MOTT: Jayson Home & Garden in Chicago is a huge favorite, so are The Rug Company, Harbinger, Peter Dunham, Mecox Gardens, Calypso Home, Anthropologie, and Missoni Home.

APARTMENT THERAPY: What do you see as being the emerging trend for fall?

ALEXANDRIA MOTT: I'm not a huge one for calling trends, but I will say I feel like people are wanting to put faces behind the pieces they're buying more
and more. They want to know if there's a story behind a pillow or a sofa or a painting, etc. I feel like that's a burgeoning trend. It's a desire partially fulfilled by Etsy, but Etsy still isn't a curated experience. It's hard to zero in on the beautiful pieces. I feel like places like West Elm are experimenting with telling these stories in a cool way. They're partnering with great designers like Paul Loebach and giving them a much bigger platform than they would have otherwise.

APARTMENT THERAPY: What was the inspiration behind the current issue of Angeleno Interiors?

ALEXANDRIA MOTT: I wanted the issue to have that feeling like, "It's starting to get cold. Let's get ready to bundle up inside!" It is a semi-ridiculous editorial mission in the land of eternal sunshine, but I wanted to acknowledge the seasonal change in a visual way.

APARTMENT THERAPY: Interior designer Jeff Andrews lands this month's cover of Angeleno interiors. What inspires you most about Jeff's designs?

ALEXANDRIA MOTT: What I love about Jeff's work is that he creates glamorous spaces that avoid the pitfalls of feeling cold and/or pretentious. I feel like that's a really amazing balancing act. So you get these interiors that are really dramatic with a lot of impact, but the way he chooses materials, layers things and puts it all together, it manages to be glamorous and accessible at the same time. I think part of that is the way he so cleverly incorporates organic elements that play off sleeker surfaces. I also think the other part of it just comes from Jeff's personality, which has that yin/yang of being chic and glamorous, but at the same time totally normal and very kind.

APARTMENT THERAPY: What are some of the criteria you use to select projects for the magazine?

ALEXANDRIA MOTT: First of all, not published before. Secondly, we look for projects that have a real sense of personality; that aren't derivative of some
style, but are a real expression of personal style. Also, we tend to focus more on modern/contemporary design, but projects that aren't cold and showcasey, but more warm and personal, even exuberant!

APARTMENT THERAPY: I love that Angeleno interiors focuses on local designs. What do you love most about our city?

ALEXANDRIA MOTT: I love that this is a place where you can experiment; where you can try new things. Home design isn't a rigid practice here; it's not stuffy and weighed down by 200 years of tradition.

APARTMENT THERAPY: Can you give us a hint of what we can expect to see in the next issue of Angeleno Interiors?

ALEXANDRIA MOTT: We're still reviewing projects for the Spring issue (April), but huge color and pattern will definitely be a big part of it!

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