Pop Quiz: How to Fold a Towel the Martha Way?

Pop Quiz: How to Fold a Towel the Martha Way?

Janel Laban
Mar 24, 2008

We didn't know there was a way to fold a towel "properly", but, of course, why wouldn't there be? First take a guess on which is the "right" way to do it and then jump below to see if you'd get a gold star from Martha...

The top answer is the correct one according to this "More from Martha" page on the Macy's site - folding in thirds lengthwise and then into a rectangle is the way. In Martha's words, "a properly folded towel has a neat, fluffy appearance and hidden edges".

Hidden edges! We hadn't been thinking about that at all - we actually have been folding as described in the middle answer - in half and then in half again a few times, ending up with a nice square-ish shape, but...with exposed edges! Shame on us!

How about you? Is it the Martha-method at your house or are you a towel-folding rebel?

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