This Private Airline Company Offers Inexpensive First Class Tickets That Don’t Feel Cheap

published Jul 7, 2018
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Have you ever flown first class? You get to the airport early and pray to see your name up on the board, on that list of “next in line for upgrades” and hope you’re in the top 5 slot. Because who has the money to actually pay for first class? No one wants to spend $1,000 (plus) to fly for 3 hours.

When airline tickets are already so expensive, the last thing you want to do is spend extra money just to see at the front of the plane. Sure, first class has more legroom, always has a TV (when some economy seats do not), and gets the better drink and dining service. But is it really all that worth it? The answer is “yes” to some, but probably “no” to many. If you’re going to spend the extra cash, it is probably on economy plus, right?

Well, now you can splurge and it won’t kill your wallet. AURA is a luxury private airline club that is offering first class tickets at an incredibly low price. Honestly, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to not fly with this airline.

AURA isn’t flying just yet, but in 2019 flights across the globe will be taking place. You can sign up for their Founding Keyholder plan by paying a one time fee (currently on sale for $100, instead of $250). That includes fixed fares, a waived keyholder fee, a reduced monthly payment, discounts with partners, and more.

AURA is a deliberate effort to create a beautiful flying experience. No aircraft on the market today was designed for what we set out to accomplish, so we had to go design one ourselves. ZED Aerospace crafted AURA to be the most advanced fleet in the sky, unveiling the most modern technologies never before seen on aircraft. AURA isn’t about cutting corners or shaving costs, it’s about delivering an experience worthy of Five Stars.

Some first class fares are under $300 already – a flight from Atlanta to Chicago is $280, while a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles is $580, and a flight from NYC to Miami is $380. And these are all private airline fares!

There are only going to be 29 seats aboard the plane and they’re broken into two flight classes, First and Wave. Don’t let the First name fool you, that actually isn’t the first class option, Wave is. Each seat will offer at least 44 inches of room (which is inches over other airlines first class options, which are between 36 and 42″). The premium Wave seating even has chairs that can lay completely flat. The flights comes with complimentary WiFi and iPad pro at every seat.

You can look into signing up to be a member at AURA here! You can check out all of their one-way prices for Keyholder members and non-members.