10 Cheap IKEA Rugs Meet Real Kids’ Rooms

updated Jul 16, 2020
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(Image credit: Ryan & April Hayslip)

I’m sure we’ve all been there: hanging around some bargain in a big-box store wondering “will this actually look good in the room, or will it look… you know…. cheap?” But there’s no reason why a reduction in cost should result in a reduction in style. Here are 10 IKEA rug bargains, priced from $2.99 – $129, all looking stylish in situ.

(Image credit: Ryan & April Hayslip)

1. The TÅRNBY rug ($99) in Samantha Rose’s Daydream Nursery (top two pictures). It’s hard to go wrong with a neutral, jute rug and this one provides plenty of coverage without breaking the bank.

(Image credit: Holly Baker)

2. Signe rugs ($2.99/each) in Cottage Chic Meets Glam in Wren’s Room (note: IKEA changes up the look of the Signe once in awhile and the current Signes have vertical stripes). Wren’s mom calls these “magic carpets” and they function both as a floor covering and as something for her daughter to play with.

3. The Lappljung Ruta Rug ($79.99) in Birdie’s Modern Vintage Mix. This rug is great value for its size and looks amazing in this room. Why it works: Birdie’s Mom Tatiana has done an amazing job of piecing together a truly eclectic room. No too-much-IKEA-itis here.

(Image credit: Kate Keeler)

4. The Kattrup Rug ($129.00) in Alice’s Warm Modern Nursery. This rug never really impresses me in the store, but in house tours, it shines. Why it works: the rug is paired here with a few colors, yes, but mostly neutrals: white, sheepskin, raw wood, and a rattan ottoman. In this way, the rug can be as busy as it wants!

(Image credit: Abbey Rodriguez )

5. The Ullgump Rug ($19.99) in Luke and Wes’s Wonderful Woodland Room. This room has a rug that is only $20! $20! For that price, your kids can get it as dirty as they want. Why it works: black and white in various patterns, and scales of patterns, are scattered throughout the room, so that this rug feels right at home. (See this rug in orange in Ruby and Finley & Juniper’s rooms.)

(Image credit: Meg/Revamped Homegoods)

6. The Lekplats Play Mat ($19.99) in Luke’s Revamped Room. We don’t get a lot of play rugs on Apartment Therapy, but when a room is all about play, it just might be the thing. Why it works: there are minimalist rooms, and there are maximalist rooms. A rug like this is made for a room like this: filled with toys and chalk and fun.

(Image credit: AT reader Patti)

7. The Gulort Rug ($49.99) in Matilda’s Bold Postage Stamp Room. Oh, the Gulort. The crazy rug with owls inside… speech bubbles? If it was going to look good anywhere, it would be in a kid’s room, no? Why it works: there’s not too much going on here (besides the rug) and plenty of other bold colour accents around the space.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

8. Another Lappljung Ruta ($79.99) in N’s Bright Minty Abode. Can you imagine anything looking more hip? Why it works: black and white meets soft pastels. It’s like a modernists trip to the ice-creamery. Yum.

(Image credit: Ginny Chase)

9. The TEJN rug ($9.99) in Addison’s White & Bright Charmer. These faux sheepskins have tons of uses around the home and frequently pop up as a soft accent rug in children’s rooms.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

10. GÅSER Rug ($99) in An Unexpectedly Chic Super Mario Bros Tween Room. The GÅSER is one of IKEA’s high pile rugs and it has a nice lush look and feel, perfect for this sophisticated (yet fun!) boy’s room.