FIY (Find it Yourself) Cheap, Small-Space Standing Desk

FIY (Find it Yourself) Cheap, Small-Space Standing Desk

Taryn Williford
Apr 22, 2009

One of the pains of getting older is a literal pain: Your body just can't hold up to some of the things you do anymore. Exhibit A: Sitting at a desk for most of the hours in the day can wreak havoc on your hips and back. We're sure you've noticed. To help take some of the stress off, try working standing up for a few hours, if you can. A desk-top standing desk like this one can help...

Dawn Foster at Web Worker Daily saw a problem and fitted it with an easy, cheap and space-efficient solution.

When her back began to hurt, she visited a chiropractor who told her she should spend more time standing up. Apparently, humans evolved to spend time wandering the jungles in search of food, not sitting behind desks. As a result of sitting for most of the day, the muscles in the front of the hips tighten and shorten, which pulls the muscles in the lower back and on the back of the hips.

She needed a standing desk, but with no space to put it, she knew it would need to fit on top of her current workspace. After a few trials with household objects to find and measure the exact height she needed, a quick run to store yielded a slim, $20 bakers rack which gave her a surface big enough for her laptop and was light enough to easily move off of the desk to sit down and work.

Check out her whole account of the project here.

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