These Perfect Tiny Houses Under $30,000 Will Convince You To Downsize ASAP

updated May 8, 2021
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More often than not, the idea of paring down your possessions and hunkering down in a secluded tiny home sounds pretty darn appealing. Tiny homes allow you to escape from the outside world, live simply, and hopefully lessen your carbon footprint. According to a report from the data science team at iProperty Management, tiny homes have exploded in popularity, with 63 percent of millennials interested in purchasing one. 

And buying a smaller space means less money leaving your wallet, right? Well, tiny homes can be pricier than you’d think. Unless you’re looking to DIY it, on average, these little spaces can cost upwards of $60,000 for fully finished versions. But, if you’re set on living small and determined to stick to a smaller budget, there are other options out there.

Here, find eight tiny houses and tiny house shells that you can purchase for $30,000 and under. (We suggest also checking out these cool A-frames if you’re in the market for a prefab.)

Credit: Allwood

Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin

If you’re looking for an addition to your backyard or even your rooftop, you can build your own studio cabin with this kit sold on Amazon. This model doesn’t come with a bathroom or kitchen inside. Its assembly time is estimated to be one to two days if constructed by two adults. The inside is 172 square feet, and it even has its own covered patio. 

Freedom Line Tiny Home

This comfortably cozy home is practically cut out for forest dwelling. It comes on a standard trailer, and its picture window, dormer, shutters, and flower boxes make it feel warm and inviting. The interior is pretty standard, with essentials like sinks, a bathroom, and a stove, but it will need some stylistic love and personalization once you purchase it. 

Buy: Incredible Tiny Homes, Freedom Line, starting at $30,000

Tiny Living Tiny Home

For the more adventurous and DIY-confident folks out there, you can purchase a modern tiny studio starting at $26,700. On the higher end of this package, the fully built exterior frame, windows, dormers, roofing, siding, and trim are all included, but it’ll be up to you or a contractor to finish up the inside. 

Buy: Tiny Home Builders, Tiny Living, starting at $26,700

Randy Jones Original Cottage-Style Tiny Home

Loaded with all the essential features, this pint-size home is a dream for people who really want to embrace small living. You have a variety of sizes to choose from and can purchase a version up to 22 feet in length and still stay under the $30,000 mark. 

(Image credit: 84 Tiny Living)

Roving Tiny House Shell

For less than $20,000, you can get a pre-built shell for this 154-square-foot home. The “Semi-DIY” package includes a home with a finished exterior, windows, doors, and a shower. You take care of all the interior finishes yourself.

Buy: 84 Tiny Living, Roving Tiny House Shell, starting at $19,884

Credit: Amazon

Allwood Escape Cabin

For a rustic escape, pick up this 113-square-foot cabin kit from Amazon. Now, the cabin doesn’t have a kitchen or bathroom inside, so it would do best in your yard. It takes three days for two adults to assemble, and the roof shingles and foundation are not included.

Shonsie Tiny House Shell

Here’s another option from 84 Tiny Living with a metal roof, sliding French doors, and a cute little front porch. The Semi-DIY version of the Shonsie has a finished exterior, a shower, and blueprints to guide you in finishing the inside.

(Image credit: Bungalow in a Box)

Brigadoon Cottage Kit

This charming cottage is designed to be built as a freestanding house. You’ll get everything you need to finish the exterior: The inside is up to you.