Cheap Ways to Up the Chic in Your Bathroom

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With all this talk of bathrooms this month, I am itching to update my space. But considering I live in a rental and lack unlimited dollars to fund an overhaul, I’ve been looking for ways to make a large impact with minimal work. Luckily, Style at Home recently released a list of 50 inexpensive ways to perk up your bathroom.

Here are ten of our favorite tips from Style at Home:

1 – Toiletries in beautiful packaging can go a long way to pretty up your counter.

2 – Opt for colorful towels if your bathroom walls are a neutral color.

3 – Install a floating shelf above the toilet and line with small plants that don’t require a lot of light.

4 – Stagger towel hooks for an asymmetrical display of bath towels, ideally in graduating shades of the same color.

5 – Place a small stool in one corner of the bathroom and neatly stack towels on it.

6 – Remove the door to one cabinet and show off your prettiest toiletries and perfume bottles.

7 – Install new knobs or pulls on cabinets. Brushed metal is a stylish option.

8 – Put dimmers on light fixtures so you have the option of softer lighting.

9 – If you’re running out of space to store toiletries, keep the overflow in a rustic wooden bowl or wicker basket.

10 – Shampoo, conditioner and soap dispensers eliminate clutter around the tub.

To see all 50 tips, visit Style at Home: 50 cheap and chic ways to perk up your bathroom. Also, check out Laure’s post from earlier today: 10 (Almost) Free Ways To Spruce Up the Bathroom.

What are your favorite ways to update your bathroom on the cheap?

(Image credit: Stacy Van Berkel-Haines / Style at Home)