Cheaply Get Touch Capabilities for Your Laptop via USB Monitor

Cheaply Get Touch Capabilities for Your Laptop via USB Monitor

Range Govindan
Aug 10, 2009

Touch screens are what most users really want. With Apple releasing their neat new mulit-touch touchpads for their MacBooks, the race is on to provide touch and multi-touch capabilities to users. Until now, getting it meant spending quite a bit of money on a touch screen monitor. The thing is that most users don't need their whole screen to be touch sensitive, they just need a certain part. That's why this extra USB monitor is so cool. It lets you get touch capabilities without spending too much money.

Not everyone can afford to have multiple displays for our computers. It's even harder if you have a laptops. Buying an extra screen is expensive. However, it's just so darn neat. If you were getting excited for the new secondary USB monitor from Nanovision, you can get even more excited because the Korean company announced that a touch version of their display will be available by the end of the month. First things first, the non-touch version is clamshell and pocket friendly, meaning that it's the perfect add-on for your laptop. It's a given that most students going back to school have laptops. PCs are rare. The MIMO 710-S is a great little extra bit of monitor real estate that can be used to put your widgets, IM clients and tools.

The new MIMO 720-S includes the same 7-inch 800x400 display plus touch capabilities. Maybe we should say that again: it's a touch screen. We know that you love touch screens and having one on your laptop or desktop is just awesome. These types of tools were usually reserved for the tablet interfaces that graphic designers used. Now, it's becoming readily available. Both models hate a dual-hinge, which will let users swivel them around in either landscape or portrait orientations. They can be folded flat for transport. Adding touch capabilities to your secondary monitor will cost you about $65 more, as the MIMO 720-S retails for $215 while the non-touch MIMO 710-S costs $150. These are based on pre-orders since Nanovision hasn't yet disclosed the prices for the touch screen.

[via Engadget]

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