Chester Asher + IKEA = Heaven

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This just in. Our friends, Stephen and Haidy, have been successfully wrestling with painting and furnishing their new apartment in Chelsea and have come to the Ikea part of the process. Therein lies a great discovery: Chester Asher, who will buy what you want and deliver it to your door for $50. Nuff said? Here is the full review:

I just had to write and tell you about our exciting discovery. After two abortive trips to Ikea (we all know the well known disease called ‘Ikea-fatigue’ symptoms of which are loss of hair, fuzzy vision and poor tempers, leading to eventual exhaustion) and general tearing our hair out about buying a sofa bed, Stephen and I discovered: Chester Asher.

Chester will go to Ikea for you, buy what you want (you call him to find out when his next trip will be, and then email him the link to the online catalogue of what you want) and then deliver to your door for $50 (Ikea charges $99). He was extremely efficient and nice – in fact he turned up at Elizabeth only to find that what we wanted was out of stock, so drove over to Paramus. wow.

You can reach Chester at: and his phone number is 814.769.9200. He was originally found advertising on Craigslist (Thanks, Craig!), and we found the link HERE. (Thanks, Haidy!) MGR