CHI Good Questions: Which Professional Do We Need?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Pam sent in a good question: “Hi, we need to rehab our bathroom. We’re not looking to move anything around, meaning the locations for the tub, toilet and wash basin will stay where they are, but we are going to try to squeeze in a stand alone shower in one corner of the bathroom and so there will be some…

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reconfiguration of the space. Basically doing away with the tiny linen closet and either putting the shower there or pushing the tub into that corner – note that the closet contains the piping for the air conditioning.

Our question is whether or not we need an architect, or perhaps an interior designer for the project to help us assess our space configuration, or if a good contractor can tell us whether or not we can do what we’re desiring to do. I don’t know at what point a project can be a complete DIY to where it needs professional help. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

What do you all think? For a job of this general scope….an architect, interior designer or a good contractor?
Please let Pam know in the comments.

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