CHI Good Questions: Paint this Woodwork White and Replacing Closet Doors with Curtains?

CHI Good Questions: Paint this Woodwork White and Replacing Closet Doors with Curtains?

Janel Laban
Mar 28, 2008

Two questions in one from Jill: Hi! My husband and I are expecting twins in August and we are starting to plan where the whole family is going to sleep. We live in a small house and our second floor is basically divided into a landing space that is currently used as an office and a large master bedroom. The rooms are connected by a hallway of closets. We're thinking we'll set up a nursery in the landing space and worry about babyproofing it later if we don't move.

The landing space is paneled with wood and I'd like to paint it white. We've left it alone for the 2.5 years we've lived in the house, but i think it's time to brighten things up. The rest of the second floor is bright and airy. My husband is worried that painting the wood might hurt the potential resale value of our home, but i think it will help... long as it's done professionally (we plan on hiring someone). Do you think we should paint it white and if so, what kind of paint? Semi-gloss?

Also, the closet doors in the master bedroom hallway are terribly inefficient. We've never liked them because they are really hard to open and close - there's no track on the floor portion so they get caught in the carpeting. Instead of installing new, and probably expensive doors, should i just take them down and install curtains instead? I like the idea of being able to access everything quickly but I am worried this will look cheap if it's not done correctly. Any ideas?

Congrats on the baby news, Jill! Let's see how the community weighs in on your two questions: please share your thoughts and ideas with Jill on both the woodwork painting question and closet door to curtain plan in the comments below...

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