CHI Good Questions: Tips for "De-allergizing" and Moving in with Your Significant Other?

CHI Good Questions: Tips for "De-allergizing" and Moving in with Your Significant Other?

Janel Laban
Jun 12, 2008

Miss Croissant has TWO questions for the AT community: "Later this month, I will be moving in with my boyfriend. My cat is moving in with a friend of mine because said bf is way too allergic to cats to have one in the house. I plan to bring most of my rugs and furniture to his place, but I'm a little worried that the un-vacuumable dander buried in the fibers will trigger his allergies despite the cat being gone. Does anyone have ideas on how to de-allergize upholstery and rugs?

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Actually, can I make this a two-fer?

Does anyone have words of wisdom about moving into a significant other's place and making it feel like your own? My boyfriend has lived in his condo for 5 years and I'd like to find the right balance between preserving his sense of home (which until recently included a Cubby-blue bathroom) and creating a place that feels homey for me too. "

Please share your thoughts and tips on both topics with Miss Croissant in the comments....

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