CHI Spring Cure: Mid-Way Through Week Five

CHI Spring Cure: Mid-Way Through Week Five

Sarah Coffey
Apr 9, 2008
Remember steph vixen's snowy porch? This is what it looks like now.

Just checking in. We don't have a picture-filled Cure post for you (look for that one on Friday), but we did want to say that we're impressed with the comment threads, and we wanted to continue the discussion here. The Cure is stirring up a wide range of feelings for people, which is in some ways what it's supposed to do. Yes, it's about home improvement, but it's also (hopefully) about self improvement. That can be a difficult process, which is why it helps to have other people going through it with you. Thank you all for being so honest and open about your struggles and accomplishments throughout the Cure...

Reading raikenn's comment from the last post reminded us of our own experiences with the Cure: "I am crazy! Why does my cottage look worse than when I started the cure? Sorry AT... My rooms are bare and cold except the office. I have shelves and boxes of things that I love and inspire me. Why are they in the office and why are they not in my other rooms? Cure confession, I want a creative job. I love my job now, but want to get in to a job that is more than love and income. I know nothing new, a lot of my friends are in the same situation. So back to the office. I want to make it a creative space to inspire me to get out of my current job and make a plan how to get out of it. This is a lot of pressure for one room. I think this room could be the answer to my Cure of other rooms in my home. It might even be the first plan on a change of careers..."

Our suggestion is to pare down to what you can complete in your home within the eight weeks - don't force more than you can finish. In that time, other things come up that you just can't deal with in two months time, and that's OK. Hopefully your space is becoming more reflective of you, more supportive of you, and will be there for you as you consider bigger changes in the future. You're all doing amazing and inspiring work. Keep it up!

During the Fall Cure, I finally realized that it's time for a move. That decision had as much to do with family and other factors as Cure issues, but the Cure definitely helped us consider the possibility of moving. After five years in our current space, we're getting ready for a new home next month, but it took about a year to get to this place.

Good Links:
• Our entire Flickr group is here.
meleniegonzalez is installing a new floor.
steph vixen has seedlings, mint, and tomatoes growing on her windowsill.
• We love Alana W's Mid-C family room.
metromom has a new Flor rug.
merskine is considering how to fill the fireplace hearth.
Alana cut down the kitchen table by six inches.

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