CHI Spring Cure: Week Two - Weekend

CHI Spring Cure: Week Two - Weekend

Sarah Coffey
Mar 21, 2008

We've seen a lot of work going on in the kitchen this week, which is great. We know how tough decluttering and cleaning the entire kitchen is, so you all get a big pat on the back for takin' care of business. If you haven't cooked at home yet this week, make a meal this weekend. Check The Kitchn for good tips and advice. They're in Easter mode right now, so there are some yummy family recipes being posted. If you're still decluttering and cleaning, take some time this weekend to wrap it up. Good links and weekend checklists below...

Weekend Checklist (Deep Treatment): We know...this week has a lot of tasks. If it feels like too much, set priorities for the things you most want to accomplish and finish what you can. If you're on track, congratulate yourself on a job well done.

• Fix one thing in your apartment yourself.
• Throw out expired food.
• Throw out food you haven't used in 6-12 months.
• Get rid of chipped, stained, or excess dishes.
• Get rid of cookware you don't use.
• Wipe down all surfaces (inside and out) with an eco-friendly cleaner.
• Buy a water filter and use it.
• Find a new recipe and cook at least one meal at home.
• Run your hands over your apartment walls to feel the bones of your space.
• Clear space for an outbox, and clear off one surface in your home.
• Determine your style.
• Buy fresh flowers.
• Set the date for your housewarming.

Weekend Checklist (One-Room Workout): When working on your floorplan, make sure to leave breathing space in your room. It's better to have one beautiful, functional room than an overly multi-purposed space crammed with clutter. Be willing to compromise or take something out if you have to.

• Decide what activities you want in your room.
• Figure out where those activities will take place.
• Map out the room that bothers you and work on a solution.
• Draw up a floor plan for your space.
• Sort through your style tray and choose a direction.
• Build a shopping list.
• Work with your shopping list to create a budget.
• Set the date for your housewarming.

Good Links:
• To see our entire Flickr Group, click here.
Mella DP is back! We're so glad to see her home again!
lucitebox is rearranging some things in the bedroom.
merskine wants advice on how to get her windows clean.
MidCenturyMixer has a style tray based around an orange chair.
harmony_france has made good progress on the kitchen and the living room.
Alana made some living room changes and needs advice on what color to paint the trunk.

Flickr Photos: Farleece asked about Flickr photo guidelines. If you can take photos of your progress each week, that's great...even if it's just one or two. We'll try to post and link good photos from across the Flickr pool as much as possible. It's a good way to keep yourself on track and get support from your fellow Curers, but if you can't post every week, don't sweat it. Post when you can.

Next Week we'll be working on creating a landing strip. We'll continue cleaning and decluttering, and we're also going to start thinking about color in the home.

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