Dark, Moody & Super Stylish Halloween Decor

published Oct 19, 2016
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(Image credit: Honestly Yum)

Confession time: Jack-o-lanterns aside, I’ve never really loved Halloween decor. Just looking at those fake spiderwebs that people stretch across their yards makes me feel itchy. And a lot of the Halloween decor that you see at the store just seems well, cheap. Lately, though, I’ve been spotting some decor ideas that are starting to redeem Halloween for me: dark, moody, stylish looks that capture the spooky spirit of the holiday without even a hint of the dollar store. We’re calling this “grown-up” Halloween.

From Honestly Yum, a DIY floral centerpiece made inside a (fake) skull, because why not?

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(Image credit: Svenska Maklarhuset)

Now that I’m into cloches, I might as well show you this fantastic image from Svenska Maklarhuset, which appears to be a Swedish real estate site, which means that someone intentionally styled a house for sale with a ceramic snake underneath a giant cloche. That’s an unusual choice for home staging, but, I think, a brilliant one for Halloween: unexpected and cool and kind of unsettling all at the same time. (A plastic snake spray painted white or a pretty metallic will do if no ceramic ones can be had.)

(Image credit: Crate & Barrel)

It feels appropriate to bring the outside in during fall, for some reason. This black branch wreath answers that call, and is perfect for Halloween. Black Branch Halloween Wreath at Crate & Barrel, $49.95

(Image credit: Sweet Paul)

By this point I have learned that one of the secrets to a stylish Halloween is matte black. Case in point: this matte black pumpkin from Sweet Paul. (Bonus: painting is much easier and quick than carving, although you can’t eat the seeds.)

(Image credit: Cupcakes and Cashmere)

This Halloween candy bar, from Cupcakes and Cashmere, is both cute and classy.

(Image credit: Olive & Cocoa)

Long, thin black tapers ($28/set of 12 from Olive & Cocoa) are the perfect way to add a touch of spooky glamour to your Halloween bash.

(Image credit: The Merrythought)

Here’s another matte black pumpkin, this one with flowers for a delicate touch that’s unexpected for Halloween but definitely not unwelcome. DIY from The Merrythought.

(Image credit: Olive & Cocoa)

Hootie and Priscilla here are proof that Halloween decor can be cute but still stylish. They’re available as a pair for $68 from Olive & Cocoa.