Chicago Vintage Dealer Timothy Burkhart Picks His Marketplace Favorites

published Apr 25, 2017
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(Image credit: Stephanie Bassos)

When I’m looking for good Marketplace content to share on social media, there are a few choice sellers that I know I can always count on to provide quality stuff. Dial M For Modern is one of those sellers, and Timothy Burkhart is the vintage phenom behind the brand. So I took a short break from stalking his insanely gorgeous Instagram feed to find out what marketplace picks caught his eye…because if his feed is any proof, Timothy knows a good find when he sees it. Let’s start shopping with a pro!

“I’m a such a sucker for odd designs and things that are a little more playful and have loads of character. Brazilian modern furniture to me encompasses those traits. This Percival Lafer sofa is one of my favorites on the site right now, with it’s tufted leather cushion slung over an amazing rosewood frame…this thing is just begging for your body to melt on it when you sit down.”

“I usually lean more toward older furniture and artwork, but came across this stunning contemporary abstract painting while searching on the site and had to add it to my list. The little bits of primary colors that come through really pop to me, and the texture of the entire piece just sucks me in. This one would be a keeper if it was mine!”

“A good Persian rug is always a wise choice in my opinion. I tend to lean toward some with the perfect amount of age and traffic wear, but ones that still have some life to ’em. I really love the faded tones on this one, and it just gives off the perfect vibe. I think it would be easy to pair it with some chairs and a sweet leather sofa and be the color focal point of a space.”

“Storage is always an issue living in the city. This pair of Milo Baughman shelves are insanely cool with the burl wood and brass. They give you some added storage and also offer a great way to display some of your favorite small items you’ve picked up throughout life. This thing is a steal for the price!”

“I’ve always been a sucker for some good space age vibes! This pair of multi-globe lamps would give off tons of good light, and you can’t go wrong with a little chrome or metals mixed into your room. Set this pair atop a credenza and marvel at their swanky cosmic awesomeness.”

“I have the high back version of this chair in my own place, although it’s in wood and not this amazing chrome frame. This is one of the comfiest chairs I’ve sat in: a nice slung leather hammock that you can easily dose off in. The hanging seat gives such a great appearance too, and would easily allow you display a great rug underneath without hiding it.”

“Credenzas are probably one of the most popular pieces customers come into my shop for. Most the time they’re used for media stands or record players. You may find it prominently displayed in your space so you definitely want something good to look at! I’m always into a great-looking Scandinavian pieces, and this Swedish teak one with rosewood accents is done so well, that I would gladly open it into my arms for my own place!”

“I’ve personally seen this bench/table in person and it’s seriously the greatest thing ever! This could be used as a coffee table, or as a bench in your entryway to display smaller items and plants, as well as a place to sit to take off/put on your shoes each day. It would add a nice organic touch to the right space. Also, if you swing by Vintage Quest’s shop, I’m sure you’re most likely to make a new friend in Keith! Everyone loves that guy including me!”