Chip and Jo’s New Show “Growing Floret” Reveals How Popular Gardening Has Become In 2020

published Oct 6, 2020
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Whether it’s wanting to feel closer to nature, having more free time, or yearning to grow fresh produce at home, there’s been a major uptick in gardening interest this year. And on the latest episode of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ “Road to Launch” series, they chat with the owners of Floret Farm—a flower farm based in Skagit Valley, WA—who talks about the popular hobby that has contributed to making their business boom.

Floret Farms’ Erin and Chris Benzakein have partnered with the Gaines to produce “Growing Floret,” a new show to air on the upcoming Magnolia Network that’s all about their life on the farm. While Magnolia Network has been delayed due to the pandemic, Chip and Jo are having check-ins with their Magnolia Storytellers—and the Benzakeins have plenty to say about their growing flower farm.

For context, the Benzakeins don’t sell the flowers they grow—they sell the seeds. So as gardening becoming drastically more popular in 2020, the couple has needed to expand their farm and production at a rapid pace while making sure they aren’t sacrificing the quality of the product.

“There are so many new gardeners, sales went through the roof, but we don’t want to grow faster than we can really stand behind the quality so we can only grow as fast as we can do a good job,” Erin mentioned during the episode.

They went from two to 24 acres and have built more barns and warehouses, bought more equipment, and hired more workers. They are grateful to be staying so busy during a difficult year for so many others, but the matter of the fact is that Erin and Chris are overwhelmed—so in come the Gaines with good advice from someone who’s been in their shoes.

“Gut instinct is what has gotten you to this point, just keep relying on that because the demand is always going to be great than what you want to give,” Jo told them. “Within the wheelhouse of what you can do, do it excellent, and however that is—big or small—it’s going to be incredible.”

The launch of Magnolia Network was originally set for Oct. 4, but it’s been delayed due to COVID-19 until further notice. However, we have stories like Erin and Chris’ and activities like gardening to keep us occupied in the meantime.